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Check out our past volunteer visitors!

Ebony Acres mission isn’t only about farming. As our mission statement states (R.E.A.C) education is a main goal of ours. Having community members out to the farm to learn about the animals and sustainable farming is very important to us. It’s also important to us to give children a chance to see how a farm operates as not everyone has that luxury.

Volunteering at the farm: What's Happening - Volunteers & Visitors


Visitors and volunteers to Ebony Acres have an opportunity to learn about gardening. At Ebony Acres we also focus on being sustainable, which we hope to show visitors.


Meeting the animals

What would a trip to the farm be without meeting the animals that make up Ebony Acres!


Prepping boards for horse shelter

Volunteers helped de-nail boards that will go on Onyx’s shelter to insulate it more for winter.


Group picture of volunteer group SALT

The summer camp SALT (Serving And Learning Together), which is through Neighborhood camp at Living Faith Lutheran in Racine, came out to volunteer on the farm and we were VERY grateful for their help!

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