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Rescuing farm animals: Why do we do it

Ebony acres is named after our first mini horse who was a rescue 15 long years ago. MaryBeth, the primary owner of Ebony Acres LLC, went to buy some farm animals with her parents and two mini horses were thrown into the deal. Ebony, or Ebby as she was affectionately called, lived with MaryBeth's quarter horse Onyx. They were inseparable. In the summer of 2022 Ebony coliced and got very ill. She was hospitalized twice. Once locally and once in Madison at the University hospital. We made sure we did everything in our power to get her better. When she came home she required a lot of care but it was never a question that we weren't going to give up on her. Unfortunately in the spring on 2023 Ebony coliced again and did not recover. We had to put her down and it was discovered she had two gastric stones that she was unable to pass which had caused her health concerns. MaryBeth and her husband Chris decided that the farm would be dedicated to Ebony and any animals in need would have a home at Ebony Acres LLC.

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